This website was created to fill the void of informative websites about demisexuality. When I saw that “www.demisexuality.org” was not taken, I jumped on it and made it my goal to set up a one stop shop for learning all about this orientation.

Demisexuality and asexuality are still little-known identities, so there aren’t a lot of reliable resources to point people to when you’re coming out or just discussing gender and sexuality. I aim to collect all sorts of resources to make this the best possible resource for demisexuals and their allies.

About Me

You can call me Arf. I’m 25 years old and of course, demisexual. I have known I was demisexual for four¬†years now, and have since become involved in online asexual community activism. I run the blog Demi Gray, which you can visit to read about demisexual experiences and solicit practical advice.