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What is Demisexuality?
What does demisexuality mean and how does it relate to asexuality? How is it different from how people normally experience sex and sexual attraction?

Could I Be Demisexual?
If you suspect you are demisexual, read this to learn more about some common signs of demisexuality and experiences many demisexuals share.

Am I Demisexual If…
Does engaging in sexual behavior mean I’m not demisexual? Am I really demisexual if I have a disability or am a survivor of sexual assault? How do I know for sure?

Frequently Asked Questions
What does sexual attraction feel like? and other common queries from demisexuals and questioning people.

Coming Out As Demisexual
So now that I’ve come out to myself, I’m ready to come out to other people. What’s the best way to go about it, and what should I expect?

Dating as a Demisexual
How to find potential partners, come out to them, and navigate sex in the early stages of a relationship.

A Demisexual’s Guide to Sex
How do I know if I should have sex? If I want to have it, how can I prepare, how do I choose a good partner, and what should I expect?

What is Gray Asexuality?
What does gray asexuality mean and how does it relate to demisexuality? How do I tell if I’m gray asexual? Why do people need the label?

For Friends and Family
If your friend or family member came out to you as demisexual, read this to learn how to be a good ally and good friend.

For Partners
If your partner came out to you, read this to learn about how best to support them in your relationship.

Myths About Demisexuals
Are demisexuals oppressed? Are they considered queer? Are they judging people for having casual sex?

Demisexuality is Not…
Are demisexuals making a moral decision? How is demisexuality different from how people normally operate? How is it different from abstaining from premarital sex?

A list of words commonly used when discussing demisexuality, with definitions.