Want to Learn More About Demisexuality?

All About Demisexuality is the world’s first book on this topic.

Learn more about demisexuality and what demisexuals experience. Get advice on whether demisexuality is the right label for you.

All About Demisexuality was carefully written and researched to address a variety of topics related to this orientation. With expanded content and more in-depth discussions on topics covered on this website, All About Demisexuality is a comprehensive, valuable resource for demisexuals and their allies.

Features include:
‣ Affirming, gentle advice on understanding your identity
‣ Advice on being a kinky or polyamorous demisexual
‣ An exploration of intersectional demisexual identities
‣ Rebuttals to common misconceptions of demisexuality
‣ Chapters to share with family, friends, and partners
‣ And more!

Download it now and read instantly.


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