This is a collection of links which I’ve found useful. If the link is about asexuality, assume that I included it because it also applies to demisexuality. Asexuals and demisexuals generally have similar experiences, so relationship advice and other topics may be useful for people of both orientations. Please note that these links are all outside of this website and may contain triggering content.


Under the Ace Umbrella: Demisexuality and Gray-asexuality (Asexuality Archive)
World Pride Panel on Gray Asexuality and Demisexuality
Reddit Demisexuality Community
Demisexuality on the AVEN Wiki
In Defense of Demisexuality (The Good Men Project)
I want to limit your ability to communicate
The importance of labels (Demi Gray)
Gray-A and Demisexuality Being Named Are Vital
Clarification of Demisexuality and Gray Asexuality
Are You Demisexual? (interview with me!)
Are You A Demisexual? Facts, Myths, And Advice

Demisexual Experiences

Why Do People Keep Calling my Sexuality “Noble”? (Bitch Magazine)
I’m Demisexual — Here’s What That Means (Huffington Post)
Confessions of a Demisexual (i-D Magazine) (written by me!)
Falling in Love While Demisexual and Jewish
Let Them Eat Cake: On Being Demisexual (Everyday Feminism)
This Obscure Tumblr Sexuality Saved My Life (Buzzfeed)
I’m Demisexual — Here’s What That Means (Huffington Post)
6 Struggles Of Only Being Attracted To People You Are Friends With First (Bustle)
My Sexuality by Evan Edinger (video)

Sexual Behavior

How to Have Sex With an Asexual Person
Affirmations for Sex Repulsed People
Asexuality and BDSM
Sex Repulsion and Kink
Different types of attraction
Scarleteen – comprehensive sex education
Asexual Masturbation
An Asexual on Sex (Asexuality Archive)
Affirmations for sex repulsed people
An Asexual’s Guide To … Having Sex (Asexuality Archive)
Don’t Want to Have Sex? (Scarleteen)


How Do I Talk To My Partner About Demisexuality?
An Asexual/Sexual Relationship
Advice for Allosexual Partners of Asexuals
Asexual Relationships
Swankivy’s video on long term relationships

Coming Out

Swankivy on coming out as demisexual to a parent
Swankivy’s video on coming out to family, part 1
Swankivy’s video on coming out to family, part 2
Asexuals on coming out advice (Asexuality Archive)

Asexuality General

Asexuals: Who Are They and Why Are They Important? (Psychology Today)
Asexuality: the X in a Sexual World (Huffington Post)
Possible Signs of Asexuality, part 1 (Asexuality Archive)
Possible Signs of Asexuality, part 2 (Asexuality Archive)
Possible Signs of Asexuality, part 3 (Asexuality Archive)
Things That Are Not Asexuality (Asexuality Archive)
Asexuality Meetups
Asexual Awareness Week Community Census


Asexuality: A Brief Introduction by Asexuality Archive
Understanding Asexuality by Anthony F. Bogaert
The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality by Julie Sondra Decker
Asexual Explorations (academic research on asexuality)
Asexuality Studies (more academic research on asexuality)


Writing Demisexual Characters (Without Invalidating Asexuality)
Resources for Ace Survivors